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Adhering to the multitude of increasingly complicated rules and regulations set forth by various bodies is a challenge facing many businesses today. Regulations can range anywhere from those defined internally by your company to those enacted by the federal government, which can make it very difficult to manage them all efficiently. This can make it difficult and costly for your company to remain in compliance. Fortunately, Barber & Barber Associates offers a simple and effective solution: PRECEPT®.

What is PRECEPT?

PRECEPT® is our proprietary compliance tracking system. Our PRECEPT® technology is designed to streamline your compliance efforts and increase your operational efficiency using the MS Outlook® and internet interfaces. In addition to this easy-to-use system, we can also comb through your thousands of pages of documentation and identify the tasks to which your company has committed itself to comply. Document review and task identification services are just two ways we can provide your organization with the personable customer service other compliance programs lack. Designed to be implemented on a standalone PC running Microsoft Outlook, across an enterprise running Microsoft Exchange, or across the internet using Microsoft SharePoint, PRECEPT® is a versatile system that allows you to meet your compliance requirements without sacrificing unnecessary man-hours.

How Does PRECEPT Work?

PRECEPT® is a customized database which runs on Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint. PRECEPT® automatically tracks your compliance tasks and reminds your staff when they are due. Using the flexibility and power of Microsoft’s integrated systems, the PRECEPT® database organizes your information and keeps track of the things you need to do to stay in compliance at your facility. PRECEPT® is great for monitoring tasks with date specific frequencies (i.e. weekly, monthly), but tasks without specific frequencies (i.e. periodically, regularly) may also be monitored with ease.

Is PRECEPT Right For You?

With its customizable and adaptive nature, PRECEPT® can be quickly tailored to meet the needs of any organization, including yours!, PRECEPT® can be used to organize tasks related to:

  • Permits
  • Regulations (local, state and federal)
  • Contracts
  • Daily Operations
  • Safety
  • Company initiatives

Just ask the clients we serve across the nation. Our attentive staff is ready to help you determine the best customized solution we offer for your business.

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Reduce Costs & Protect Revenue

Not only does compliance make sense, it can help your company save money. Fines for violating state and federal compliance regulations are steep and the costs involved with violating regulations and contracts can be crippling. Combined with lost productivity when employees are burdened with excessive compliance task administration, not having a compliance management solution can also cost you in lost revenue. Choose PRECEPT to help streamline your compliance operations and improve your bottom line.

Value at Work

Less-efficient businesses will always find it more difficult to be as profitable as the competition. Our PRECEPT solution can help your organization be more efficient by streamlining your compliance efforts to only those crucial to the success of your organization. With a task-focused workforce, running a successful business will become a significantly easier proposition. In this manner, PRECEPT can literally pay for itself. But beyond the system cost benefits, you’ll also receive BBA’s personable and responsive customer service to assist you in getting the most from PRECEPT. PRECEPT is truly value at work for you!

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